Making Brother Towns / Pueblos Hermanos has been a collaborative effort involving citizens from two very different but interlinked communities. In Jacaltenango, we worked with artists, farmers, students, teachers, construction workers, two officials, store owners, and others. In Jupiter, we worked with and interviewed people in just about every office and occupation, from day laborers picking up trash to the office of the mayor, from those working with new immigrants to those protesting their presence. We are indebted to all of them for their cooperation and support. We will continue to work with both communities in a variety of ways as we follow up with screenings, educational events, and related projects.

In February 2009, the film debuted in Jacaltenango before an audience of over 300 people at the Fiesta of Candelaria, the town's patron saint.

Watch a short video clip of film director, Charlie Thompson's speech to the community and a scene of the screening.

Jacaltenango Screening
Shot and Editing by: Margaret Morales

To learn more about the making of the film, including its music and art, please see the following pages...

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